Our Story

We are a mother daughter team who creates, of all things...adult coloring books. And when we say adult, we don't mean cats and flowers with complicated designs...

It started when Erika (daughter) was on the East Coast performing in a play while her husband was in Juneau Alaska, where they live. She would send him sexy, fun text messages to let him know how mush she missed him. After a while she had quite a collection of them! One day it occurred to her that some of them might make for gorgeous images. Luckily enough, her mother (Susan) is a talented illustrator, so RachelJane Designs was born.

Our process has been atypical to say the least. The conversations we have had in developing the images are not usual mother-daughter banter. In the past few months as we have worked together, I (Erika) have sent messages to my mother that read something like, "We see him from behind, bum flexed as he thrusts into her," or "She is smiling in front of him, one or two of her fingers daintily wiping the cum from her cheek." Certainly things I would have never dreamed I'd be saying to my mom!

So yes, these are erotic coloring books. But they are also filled with love and tenderness and joy. They are for lovers who adore sex and life and delighting in each other.


The books themselves are a labor of absolute love. We work together from more than 3,000 miles apart. Susan splits her time in Rhode Island and Florida, where she works as an artist and teacher. Her work can be found in private collections across the country and in such far-flung places such as Australia, Italy and France. She has illustrated over thirty books, multiple publications and commercial graphics projects. Clients include University of Connecticut at Avery Point, University of Rhode Island, Mystic Seaport, Mystic Aquarium, Rowman & Littlefield,  Custom Publishing Services and Greenwood Press. If you'd like to see more of her work, click here.


Erika recently moved from Juneau Alaska to Salt Lake City, Utah, where she works as Director of Marketing at The Noorda Center for the Performing Arts. When she is not coming up with content for filthy coloring books, performing on a stage, or marketing a show, she is running around in the desert, camping, hiking, or just bomping down sand dunes.

We hope you love our coloring books as much as we do! It is our dream that adding your color relaxes you, and that you are also put "in the mood" to enjoy an evening (or morning! or afternoon!) delight with your partner.

XOXO - Erika and Susan

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